Macarena & Pablo (malaga wedding)

Participate in their wedding day has been a great pleasure, Macarena and Pablo are good friends of us.
The Sevillian designer Ivan Campana was chosen to dress the bride, her sister and her mother. As you can see, the result was great as it could not be otherwise. Three unique and radiant. Summer weddings have a special magic, and the site chosen to celebrate the wedding was perfect: Jardín Botánico la Concepción de Málaga, as lovely as the night they spent the couple and their guests instead. Thanks Macarena and Pablo to let me be part of your big day!

Macarena & Pablo (stopmotion)

Stopmotion in Macarena & Pablo’s trash the dress in Nerja beaches. Soon in the blog!

Carmen & Manuel (Málaga)

We have been overloaded, months of full work, to the weddings we add our work of advertising photography that although we love, we must recognize it takes us many days of work, inside and outside our photo studio. We have published in our blog few weddings this year, and fewer still of last year. Today we publish with great enthusiasm the Carmen & Manuel wedding, and then to see them again a year later at another wedding, they told us that they felt strange not be in Boda Creativa Blog, here are going!
A unique wedding, wonderful as they are a couple full of joy, even more than happy on their big day. Many complicity, looks, gestures and laughter that we photographed in this great day. “Finca el Realengo” made once more of majestic setting for such a special day for them and all the guest…

Ana & Antonio (Malaga)

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